Janel Nansenn, M.A., Educational Therapist, and owner of Clear Pathways Learning Services, has launched her exciting new online program, “Reading Comprehension – The Smart and Easy Way™.” This program teaches the same highly effective techniques Janel uses at her office to improve comprehension and memory skills, presented in a simple format, for a fraction of the cost of in office services. This is a 60-session, easy-to-use program. Please see the video above for more information. You can purchase the program at The program is already getting rave reviews from those that have purchased it!

Clear Pathways Learning Services

Clear Pathways Learning Services has a passion for tutoring those struggling in school and works with learning issues at their core. The goal is to address the root cause of learning issues, and not only the end result. For example, if a student has difficulty reading, Clear Pathways assesses and works with the underlying causes of the reading problems prior to tutoring or teaching specific reading skills. Without foundational skills in place, some students may never become proficient readers. However, when weak foundational skills are correctly addressed, many students at Clear Pathways, including those that have dyslexia or autism, have become independent readers and spellers for the first time in their lives. This is because Clear Pathways offers a highly effective results driven program that reaches a deeper level than traditional tutoring. The techniques utilized train the brain and actually change the way people learn.

In addition, Clear Pathways specializes in improving comprehension and memory skills and offers two e-books that address these specific issues. The e-books,“Beyond Tutoring” and “Poetry Fun”, are both available for purchase on this website. Many clients have struggled with poor reading and/or listening comprehension skills prior to being trained in the specific visualization and neuro-linguistic techniques utilized by Clear Pathways. Clients are actually trained how to learn differently. These techniques are so effective that many clients have improved their grades from D’s and F’s to A’s and B’s, reduced their study time – sometimes by up to 50%, attended college when prior to our services they would have been unable to do so, or obtained a job for the first time in their lives.

Clear Pathway’s goal is to administer tutoring/learning services that most effectively meets the needs of each individual that walks through their door. They have helped thousands of clients, from age 5 to 65, learn to use their brains more efficiently and greatly improve their learning skills and their lives. In fact, clients commonly report that the techniques administered at Clear Pathways produce more positive results than tutoring or learning services they have received elsewhere. Clear Pathways Learning Services is proud of their high success rate and looks forward to helping you too!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process?

An assessment is conducted during the first appointment, and a follow-up appointment is then scheduled to discuss test results. A full written report is available two weeks after testing for an additional fee. The assessment will determine if a person is a good candidate for services. Our program is typically completed in six to twelve months, although those with very severe issues may need more.

What ages do you work with?

We see clients ages 5 through adult, although the typical age for our clients is generally 5 through 19.

Can you work with people that are out of town?

Yes. Go here for out of town services information.

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