Beyond Tutoring


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No matter how intelligent your student may be, if he or she has comprehension or memory issues, information heard or read may literally go in one ear and out the other. It can be incredibly frustrating for students, causing them to struggle both academically and socially. Some of our clients have even been misdiagnosed with attention deficit disorders, when the issue was actually weak visualization skills. Medication will not help this type of attention issue—but Beyond Tutoring can! This informative guide was written at the request of parents like you, who would like to work with their student at home. (Although it’s a great tool for teachers, too!) Beyond Tutoring includes simple exercises that can be done with students of every age—from elementary to college level. By practicing just 15 minutes a day three times a week, most students experience improved:
•Reading and spelling skills
•Ability to follow directions
•Retention skills
•Performance on tests
•Attention span
The book offers strategies and tools that literally give you the power to change and improve the way your student learns. There are individual sections for:
•Following Directions
You’ll also discover a powerful spelling technique that helps students easily remember words that don’t follow phonetic rules, and is based on the way the brain works most effectively for long-term memory (it’s also great for remembering math facts!) Some students have dramatically improved their grades on spelling tests within two weeks when incorporating this technique, and more importantly, they remember the words long-term.
The proven techniques and exercises you’ll find in the book are based on years of our own personal research and first-hand experience. These effective treatments reach the core of learning issues and are what we use in our clinic; this book is the next best thing to being there!