Poetry Fun


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Poetry makes children laugh, think and wonder. It also makes learning fun. So we wrote a collection of 35 silly poems for younger elementary school-aged children that give kids an enjoyable way to practice visualization skills. And the more fun practice is the more likely kids are to stick with it!

What is visualization?The brain remembers by converting what is read or heard to pictures in the mind’s eye. For instance, if you said the word “cat” to a room of 75 people, all of them would visualize a different cat in their mind’s eye—and all of them would be right! However, a sentence like “The cat is one of nature’s most amazing animals” is more abstract. It’s not quite as easy to picture and requires some thought. That’s where visualization training comes in—and that is how Poetry Fun can help!

Why are visualization skills so important? Visualization skills are imperative for good comprehension, memory, test-taking, writing and social skills. In fact, they’re crucial to both academic and social success—because when a child can’t remember what is heard or read, the frustrations start to build.

How does Poetry Fun work? Reading the poems in this book is like watching us work with your child in our clinic. We’ve written out how we would visualize each phrase in detail, so you can use the same technique with your student. By sharing our methods, we’ve dramatically reduced the learning curve, making it easy for you to jump right in and start effectively training. By sharing these whimsical poems with your child, you can improve their visualization skills. It’s so much fun, they won’t even realize they’re learning!

Although Poetry Fun can be used alone, it is best used as a companion book to our first book Beyond Tutoring.